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Whether you are new to apartment investing or an experienced apartment investor, the apartment rockstar academy has an apartment investing mentorship and coaching program that’s right for you. 

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Robert Martinez - The Apartment Rockstar

Robert Martinez

This is your chance to learn from the most awarded apartment investor in the business today. Robert Martinez, otherwise known as The Apartment Rockstar, started investing in apartments in 2007 and since that time he has acquired nearly 5,000 apartment units that he manages in house. There is no better opportunity to get this close to one of the nations top owner operators and learn first hand what it takes to be a successful apartment investor and syndicator. 

What we offer

  • Access to the all of the apartment investing educational modules (over 20 hours of educational content to help you learn the business and grow your team) 
  • One-on-one coaching from The Apartment Rockstar and his entire team of in house experts 
  • Opportunities to partner with The Apartment Rockstar on your apartment investments 
  • Opportunities to partner with other students in the program in order to do bigger deals 
  • Access to apartment investing industry experts within our network such as lenders, SEC attorneys, property managers, contractors, inspectors, title agencies and more. 
  • Access to our proprietary templates for underwriting, business plans, LOI’s, purchase contracts and more.


  • 12 Months of Mastermind Membership
  • 3 VIP Coaching Events
  • Access to the Exclusive Mastermind Network
  • 24 Exclusive Zoom Classes Featuring Team Rockstar


  • Learn from the best in the apartment investing business and someone who started exactly where you are today… looking for a coach to learn the business of apartment investing 
  • Begin to offset your active income with passive income 
  • Get out of the rat race
  • Spend more time with family and loved ones
  • Feel more secure in your retirement

Who this is for

  • Anyone looking to fast track their retirement and escape the 9-5 to become financially free from their apartment investments 
  • Passive investors that want to take their apartment investments to the next level and reep the many benefits of being a lead syndicator 
  • High income earners looking for somewhere to place their capital and start to secure their retirement 
  • House flippers looking for a better opportunity to scale their real estate investments and make more money than ever before
  • Anyone with retirement funds in a 401k or IRA trying to 10X those accounts in just a few years 
  • Anyone committed to wanting more out of life and willing to put in the work to learn the best kept secret of what makes people wealthy 

Personal One-on-One Coaching

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